The HR Support Center

Bayview Payroll Services of Broward County

The HR Support Center

The best-in-class tools to manage workplace compliance and employee relations issues.  Our HR Support Center service has the tools and resources to make you an HR Pro!

Our cloud-based solution is available 24/7, and the exclusive content is created in-house by our team of certified HR Pros.  Features include:

  • Customizable employee handbook template
  • Wide range of job descriptions
  • Quick Guides and checklists on common HR topics, including Health Care Reform, Hiring, Termination, and more
  • Extensive, easy-to-understand federal and state law libraries
  • Exclusive Training On-Demand videos
  • Custom-built HR podcasts
  • 3-minute HR Audit to help quickly identify HR compliance gaps
  • Weekly HR Snapshot emails featuring a Q&A on trending HR topics
  • Timely HR Articles

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